Okavango Basin Information System

Okavango Active Catchment Area - Sub Basin Level II

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Dataset Title Okavango Active Catchment Area - Sub Basin Level II ?
Abstract This vector layer (polygon) – reference scale 1/200 000 – is an aggregated sub-basin delineation of the OACA, incorporating basins of the main tributaries only. It was created by aggregation of the sub basin units from the Sub Basins Level III layer. Data Source: GIS Database for the EPSMO Project. ?
Topic Category inlandWaters ?
Dataset Description
Dataset Contact Person or Dataset Contact Organisation OKACOM - The Permanent Okavango River Basin Water Commission ?
Dataset Date Type publication ?
Dataset Reference Date 2011-08-04 ?
Dataset Language English ?
Dataset Character Set utf8 ?
Dataset Online Linkage no Online Linkage ?
Dataset Format Shape ?
Dataset Scope dataset ?
Geographic Location
Western-most Longitude 15.894614002 ?
Eastern-most Longitude 21.5858813406 ?
Southern-most Latitude -18.0825389449 ?
Northern-most Latitude -12.3463730226 ?
Geographic Description southern africa ?
Spatial Resolution
Spatial Representation Type vector ?
Equivalent Scale 120000 ?
Coordinate System
EPSG WGS 84 / UTM zone 34S ?
Additional Extent Information
Vertical Datum WGS84 ?
Unit of Measure m ?
Metadata Contact Person Holm Kipka ?
Metadata Language English ?
Metadata Character Set utf8 ?
Metadata Standard Name ISO/DIS 19115 for Geographic information-Metadata /RBIS ?
Metadata Date Stamp 2011-08-04 ?
Internal identifier obis_geodata_302 (Link)