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Basin watersheds (revision)

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Dataset Title Basin watersheds (revision) ?
Abstract Draft River Basin and Sub-Basins for the LUCCi Project The basin has been modified in such a way so that it can feet with the new adminstrative boundary based on MoNRE UTM 48 N adminstrative boundary. Some correction has been made within the sub watershed. But need to be corrected particularly at the coastal zone Developer: Führer N., Environmental Engineering and Ecology, Ruhr University Bochum. Modifier: Firoz, A.B.M., Institute for Technology and Resources Management at the Tropics and Subtropics, ITT, Cologne Univesity of Applied Sciences, Cologne, Germany ?
Topic Category boundaries ?
Dataset Description
Dataset Contact Person or Dataset Contact Organisation Firoz, A.B.M ?
Dataset Date Type revision ?
Dataset Reference Date 2011-07-25 ?
Dataset Language English ?
Dataset Character Set utf8 ?
Dataset Online Linkage no Online Linkage ?
Dataset Format Shape ?
Dataset Scope dataset ?
Geographic Location
Western-most Longitude 107.201485958 ?
Eastern-most Longitude 108.753131616 ?
Southern-most Latitude 14.9132880283 ?
Northern-most Latitude 16.2028973674 ?
Geographic Description Vietnam ?
Spatial Resolution
Spatial Representation Type vector ?
Equivalent Scale -1 ?
Coordinate System
EPSG WGS 84 / UTM zone 48N ?
Additional Extent Information
Vertical Datum WGS84 ?
Unit of Measure km ?
Metadata Contact Person Firoz, A.B.M ?
Metadata Language English ?
Metadata Character Set utf8 ?
Metadata Standard Name ISO/DIS 19115 for Geographic information-Metadata /RBIS ?
Metadata Date Stamp 2011-07-25 ?
Internal identifier vgtb_geodata_282 (Link)